5 Tricks That Can Help You to remove bad breath

 5 Tricks That Can Help You to remove bad breath  

Bad breath

 Bad breath (Halitosis) is one of the common problems that affect people of all ages, where one person out of every four people suffers from bad breath, many people suffer from a bad smell coming out of the mouth that is felt by others exposing them to embarrassment, and among the most important causes of bad breath in the mouth: an increase in the number of bacteria in it as a result of a lack of attention to its hygiene, which would secrete toxins and analyze food residues, thus producing gases with a bad smell 

Bad breath causes 

There are many causes of bad breath or halitosis, bad breath, breath odor, or bad breath (Halitosis), and incorrect or bad habits stand out in the forefront. Some of them may be followed with the intention of maintaining dental health, in addition to eating some types of foods, and the causes of mouth odor can be explained in more detail as follows :

Poor dental hygiene 

Poor dental hygiene is the most common cause of bad breath because of its role in keeping small food particles stuck between the teeth and inside the mouth. When bacteria break down the food particles, a sticky, colorless layer is formed on the teeth known as plaque. and if it is not removed, it may cause irritation or inflammation of the gums, or periodontitis, and as a result of the formation of a layer of plaque full of bacteria and food residues, a foul-smelling gas is emitted from the mouth. 

Eating and drinking certain foods and liquids that foods with a strong smell

Such as onions, garlic, curry, some cheeses, fish, and acidic drinks such as coffee, all of which cause bad breath, either directly, as the food itself has an unpleasant or strong smell, or through the association of these foods with digestive disorders . System Disorders and belching, as the use of some nutritional supplements may cause; Such as fish oil capsules in causing bad breath .


Fasting is associated with bad breath because it may cause the breakdown of fats and the emission of ketones within what is scientifically known as ketoacidosis. 

morning breath

It causes dehydration and this bad breath is emitted during the morning within what is known as morning breath. 

Dry mouth

The association of dry mouth (Xerostomia or dry mouth) with bad breath is due to the lack of saliva production that prevents the mouth from being properly moisturized, and thus prevents the mouth from cleaning itself and removing food residues and dead cells accumulated on the tongue, gums and insides of the cheek. Which can break down and cause bad breath .

Tobacco products 

In addition to the bad breath caused by tobacco products, such as cigarettes, other smokeless tobacco products, and snuff tobacco, they lead to some health problems. such as gum disease (Periodontal Disease), gum irritation, loss of the ability to taste, and oral cancer.

The use of certain types of medicines

 The use of some medicines contributes to the emission of bad breath as a side effect of their use; Examples of these drugs include: Triamterene and Paraldehyde, which is done by decomposing it in the body and releasing chemicals that spread through the breath, or by causing dehydration as a side effect, which in turn causes bad breath.

Methods for removing bad breath 

The method for removing bad breath depends on the underlying cause. If a person suffers from a health problem that is the cause of bad breath, then the dentist must refer the patient to a primary health care doctor. caused by the teeth, there are many procedures that can be followed to remove the odor, and we mention the following: 

Maintaining the health and cleanliness of the mouth and teeth

which includes periodic and regular brushing of the teeth, in addition to cleaning between the teeth, and it must be known that brushing the teeth alone does not clean more than 60% of the surfaces of the teeth, and it is also recommended to use a toothbrush with a small head Or medium, and that the bristles are soft, in addition to changing them every three to four months, and it is recommended to brush twice a day, and that the brushing period is not less than two minutes each time. 

Use of mouthwashes

where mouthwashes contain effective substances that kill germs, including bacteria, and neutralize some chemicals in the mouth that may cause bad breath, including chlorhexidine, chlorine dioxide, zinc chloride, and triclosan .

Tongue cleaning

There are special tools for cleaning the back of the tongue called tongue scrapers. It is a plastic tool that can be purchased from the pharmacy, where the tongue is gently scraped from back to front to remove the layer that covers it, and there are some people who clean the tongue with a toothbrush soaked in mouthwash liquid .

Maintaining the cleanliness of dentures

They are cleaned with a toothbrush that is designated for cleaning dentures, and dentures cleaning tablets or special cream are used to clean them, and it is advised to avoid using toothpaste because of the scratches it causes on the surfaces of the denture; which later leads to discoloration, and cleaning would prevent the formation of plaque that causes the appearance of bad breath, and it is also advised not to wear dentures at night; This is to give the gums a chance to rest .

One of the home recipes that will treat or reduce bad breath is chewing parsley or mint leaves.

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