Swimming benefits

 Swimming benefits 


Swimming is defined as a physical activity during which the body is propelled into the water by using the movements of the arms and legs; As this leads to the body floating naturally in the water, and swimming can be a sport practiced by some or it may be a recreational activity for people, and swimming has been known since a long history that extends back to 2500 years BC; Where it was practiced in Egypt, and swimming was known in later civilizations such as the Assyrian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, and swimming was part of the combat exercises known to the ancient Greeks and Romans,Rather, it was part of the curriculum for males in the primary education stage. In terms of competitive sports, swimming for men was included as one of the Olympic Games in 1896 AD, followed by swimming for women in 1912 AD. 

Types of swimming 

There are many types of swimming; Which may vary in the extent of a person’s ability to master and master it correctly, and the following shows the most prominent of these types: 

Free swimming

(Front Crawl), it is also called the front crawl, and it is considered the easiest type of swimming that can be learned, and one of its advantages is that it allows a person to move quickly in the water, Free swimming was a type in which the swimmer could use any method he wanted to practice. ; However, this matter changed later, and what is known as front crawling became the approved method for practicing this type of swimming, and this type of swimming includes a person switching his arms while his head is under water and then breathing by placing the head on his sides in addition to performing regular kicks across the legs. 


This type of swimming is important in rescuing people who may be exposed to drowning,[4] and this type of swimming can be practiced by lying on one side of the person in the water, while keeping both the head and back, And the legs, in a straight line, and then move the arms with similar movements in conjunction with making a scissor kick using the legs.


This type of swimming is based on the player lying on his back in the water so that he keeps his head above the water and then moving the arms in a circular motion; While the legs are used to execute a powerful flutter kick .

Breaststroke swimming: 

both arms are moved together in semi-circular movements underwater in this type of swimming, while the legs must be used together by a kick known as the whip kick; in which both legs are opened together and then joined together underwater quickly, and this type of swimming can be practiced by keeping the head raised above the surface of the water, but there are many professional swimmers practicing this type of swimming by placing their heads under the water And they take their need of air as they move forward .

Butterfly swimming

It is one of the most difficult types of swimming; As mastering this type requires possessing strength and the ability to coordinate between the various parts of the body, and in this type the arms are moved together and the whole body is moved in a wave-like movement while the legs are moved in a movement known as the dolphin kick during which the legs are moved together. 

Swimming laws 

Laws for swimming sport are set by the international body supervising the sport of swimming, which is the International Swimming Federation (in French: Fédération Internationale de Natation), which is referred to by the acronym (FINA); The federation's mission is to prepare regulations for international swimming events, including Olympic swimming, which is subject to a number of laws that are administered by a group of referees. Those who supervise the implementation of the laws and make sure that the competition takes place in a fair and accurate manner, and the swimming laws prohibit swimmers from exceeding the limits of the corridor or what is known as the lane from which they started.

Swimming regulations prohibit holding the lane line in order to push the swimmers themselves, in addition, it is forbidden to walk along the bottom of the pool or use any pushing or floating tools or devices; such as fins, hand paddles, or other tools, and swimmers' suits must be made of woven fabric, and for men to be from the waist to the knees and from the chest to the knees for women .

The importance and benefits of swimming 

The practice of swimming is of great importance in achieving many benefits on the physical and psychological levels for people who practice it, and the following shows the most prominent of these benefits: 

  • Increasing the ability of the heart to work efficiently and without feeling tired. 
  • Increased muscle strength. 
  • Develop one's stamina. 
  • Increase the efficiency of the respiratory system by making the muscles of the lungs more strength . 
  • Improve the work of vascular systems. 
  • Reducing symptoms of injury and increasing the recovery rate for people with arthritis. 
  • Accelerate the burning of calories in the body. 
  • Eliminate insomnia and improve people's sleeping habits. 
  • Improving the general mood and reducing feelings of stress.
  • Improving the general flexibility of the body.
  • Increasing the body's ability to balance.
  • Maintaining physical fitness.
  • Developing new social relationships. 

The dangers of swimming

Swimming is a relatively safe sport for most people, but this sport is not devoid of some risks associated with it; These basins have a negative impact on human health. Where these sterilizers can cause rhinitis and blockage of the tear duct in swimmers, in addition to diarrhea, which affects nearly eighty percent of swimmers as a result of some parasites that may be present in the water of swimming pools.These parasites can cause many other diseases such as respiratory diseases, and many swimmers are exposed to dry skin after leaving the pools, so they have to take a quick bath in addition to applying appropriate ointments that protect the skin from exposure to such a matter,and people are advised Those who suffer from skin diseases such as psoriasis, consult a specialist doctor before starting swimming exercises. Especially in pond water that contains high levels of chlorine .

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