How can i get an athletic body in one month ?

 How can i get an athletic body in one month ?

Obtaining an athletic body for men is not impossible, as the majority of the rough sex think. Obtaining an athletic body in just one month requires nothing but fiery discipline and an unyielding steel will on the food, sports, and rest methods. Soon, the positive results and the transformation process will begin to appear within 30 days, which certainly will not transform things by magic for the better, but at least the man will begin to see the basis of the athletic body that he is about to obtain with the succession of days and months while maintaining discipline in all aspects of his life.

The truth is that enjoying an athletic body for men is not related to a specific age group. All healthy people who do not suffer from any health problems that prevent them from exerting the mental and muscular effort that exercise requires are eligible to obtain an athletic body.

In order to start launching the project to obtain the attractive male sports body, the following report contains a set of sports and nutritional health tips that greatly help the man achieve his goal of starting to show positive results related to his quest to obtain an athletic body within 30 days, provided he adheres to and follows up with specialists in exercises Sports and nutrition.

Tips for getting an athletic body

 1- Food and athletic body

 Adhering to a healthy diet is the first and most important step that determines many things regarding a man’s quest to obtain an athletic body in terms of the time period to obtain positive results and the positive effect of exercise on the level of muscle formation and fat burning, so before just thinking about starting exercise to get On the athletic body, the man must be well aware that determining the types of foods suitable for him, his age, weight, and nutritional needs is the first basic step.For example, the dependence of the sports diet on proteins is an essential and indispensable matter for starting the formation of the muscles of the athletic body that a man dreams of, in addition to consulting professionals and sports nutritionists to determine the ideal meals for breakfast and the most important pre- and post-exercise meals for the muscles.

2- Balance the diet

 As we mentioned earlier, proper nutrition is the main key to obtaining an athletic body. Therefore, when it comes to nutrition, a man must be keen to obtain the ideal basic quantities for him of the nutrients that come with proteins on top of them, along with healthy carbohydrates, the main source of energy, in addition to vitamins from various sources between Vegetables and fruits, and of course, care must be taken to supply the main minerals and acids for the process of building muscle tissue, in addition to calcium.In general, the sports meal is always for novice athletes seeking to obtain an athletic body. It is often divided into a quantity divided as follows: a quarter of protein, a quarter of carbohydrates, and one-eighth of fruits, provided that the rest of the main meal items contain vitamins and fiber that vegetables contain. And with the presence of snacks in any sports diet, these meals should not be devoid of proteins at all, and they should vary between a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, or some oatmeal added to the fruits.

3- More fat for an athletic dilemma body 

To get the body of an athlete, a man must eat a lot of fat, but certainly not the kinds found in fast food and harmful foods. Here we mean by fat the essential omega-3 fats, which are important in maintaining the health of the most important muscle in the human body, which is the heart, which omega-3 fats work to enhance its efficiency And its strength, and raise and support the rate of the heart's capabilities to perform its functions fully. Obtaining omega-3 acids is not difficult; Salmon and tuna, along with nuts, especially almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and avocados, are among the most important sources of omega-3 fats.

4- Walking 

Walking is great for getting an athletic body In the event that the man is not a sports practitioner at all, then obtaining the athletic body is not far from reach, because the practice of walking exercises as an initial stage to start carrying the body through muscular effort is a wonderful step and progress forward for sure, for example a brisk walk for 15 minutes in The first and second days, increasing to 20 minutes on the third day, paying attention to the process of exhaling and inhaling during walking exercises, helps the man greatly to get rid of a large amount of calories by the end of the 30 days, and soon the results will appear on the level of heart health and a decrease in the rate of decrease in body fat.

5- Types of sports 

For the body In the event that a man enjoys a normal health and physical condition, but suffers from not having enough time to go to the gym, these following exercises will be the best to secure his way towards having an athletic body without going to the gym.

Run workout 

Run for fifteen minutes, then gradually increase the time by 5 minutes every day, so that each time period contains two separate minutes of running at full speed, and by the end of the month you are guaranteed to get very impressive results in terms of obtaining a strong athletic body.


Whether using dumbbells or a bar "iron bar" or body weight only, the effect of the wonderful squat exercise on giving a man a wonderful and strong athletic body, especially for the lower body muscles, is indisputable and certainly by adopting the gradual method of practicing this exercise, it is sufficient to practice for 15 reps Or repetitions divided into 3 groups, provided that these repetitions increase to 40 with the passage of time.


The most important exercises for the muscles of the upper body that give the man the wonderful athletic body, as it is a comprehensive exercise that targets the muscles of the chest, shoulder, arms and shoulder, in addition to some parts of the back muscles.


In this video, you will learn about 12 different exercises for the abdominal muscles that can be practiced anywhere, all of which have a wonderful effect in giving the man an athletic body. 


One of the exercises that can be done with body weight only or by holding a dumbbell or any weight in the hands and it mainly targets the front thigh muscles and the calves of the foot.

triceps dips 

All that is needed to do this exercise is to fix the body on the ground and raise it by applying pressure on the arms, especially on the triceps muscles.

The benefits of sports for the body 

Among the benefits of getting an athletic body 

are the following: 

1- Weight control. 

2- Fighting heart disease. 

3- Improve your mood. 

4- Boost energy. 

5- Sleep better.

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