For skinny people ... best 5 exercises to gain weight

 For skinny people ...  best5  exercises  to gain weight

Many women suffer from excessive weight loss, and no matter what they eat, they sometimes do not seem to reach their ultimate goal of gaining even a little kilograms. When thinking about gaining weight, a woman should always think about exercising, since it is the first and most important aspect of gaining weight. Combining exercise with a healthy diet will eventually make you look healthy and stunning. Here are the most exercises that will help you gain weight in a healthy way:

Squat exercise 

One of the most popular exercises for gaining muscle for the lower body is squats because they work a variety of major muscle groups simultaneously - quadriceps, calves, thighs, abs and external abdominal muscles. To get the most out of the exercise, you can use weights because the extra weight raises the exercise to a new level.


Push-ups are great exercises for gaining muscle mass for the entire upper body, which includes the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps and core muscles. Therefore, push-ups are ideal for strengthening the upper body.


Some yoga poses, like Matsiana, help with weight gain as they work on many systems collectively, including the thyroid gland as it regulates an overactive thyroid gland which can also cause weight loss. There is also the cobra pose that improves appetite, regulates metabolism, and helps the body absorb nutrients.

Triceps exercise 

Triceps exercises work on gaining arm and back muscles and build strong and attractive shoulder muscles. You can easily do the exercise at home using a chair, placing your hands on the edge of it, knees bent, hands on it, hip-width apart, then lowering and raising your lower body.

Lung exercises 

Like squats, lunges increase weight around the quadriceps, back and calves. The muscles around the feet are the largest muscle area and one can gain more weight if these exercises are done in groups with squats.

Additional tips 

Just because you're trying to gain weight, doesn't mean you're allowed to eat all kinds of food. When eating to gain weight, certain foods can make your weight gain efforts healthier and more effective. Eating protein is extremely important for building muscle mass because our digestive system breaks it down into amino acids, which our bodies use for a range of functions, including building muscle.

foods that help gain muscle 

And this some examples :

  • The milk .
  • The rice Nuts and hazelnuts .
  • Red meat Healthy carbohydrates such as potatoes, oats, beans and legumes. 
  • Fish Protein supplements .
  • Dried fruit Whole grain bread Dark .
  • chocolate .
  • Eggs Full fat yogurt.
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