4 exercises to increase body length in a week

exercises to increase body length in a week

Body length

Many people search for all ways that provide them with a natural increase in body length, as a long body is considered more beautiful and attractive to some, in addition to the fact that some sports require an appropriate length to be able to practice them better, such as basketball; Which needs a long body structure in order to reach the high basket net, and goalkeeping in soccer; so that the goalkeeper can catch the high ball, just as the sport of volleyball prefers that its players be tall, so that they can reach the ball close to the net before their competitors, and many other sports that require a length more than normal length. 

The man reaches his maximum length at the age of 18, and his height may continue to increase slowly until the age of 21, while the woman reaches her maximum length at an earlier age than the man, as her height is fixed at the age of 16, and it may continue slowly until the age of 18, and the woman is considered Shorter than a man in total. And when a person tries to increase his height, he must do so before the age of proof of height, in which the epiphyseal plates stop growing. 

Factors affecting human height

 There are many factors that affect the maximum length a person can reach during his lifetime, including: 

  • The genetic factor; It is the most important factor for determining the maximum length a person can reach during his growth. 
  • Food; A balanced and healthy diet, rich in protein and calcium, is an important factor in the child's growth and increase in height. 
  • An incomplete diet will not make the child's growth normal, and it will not reach the maximum length it can reach when it grows.
  • nature of daily life; As lifting heavy objects leads to great pressure on the joints and back, which may cause injuries in those areas that slow (or stop) the growth process. 
  • Lack of exercise leads to poor blood circulation, which will slow down the growth process, and Smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs greatly affect growth,especially if it is addicted to it in the early stages. 

Increasing the length of the body

for a person to increase his height. There are two important factors other than the genetic factor that can be controlled and exploited to stimulate body growth, namely: food and exercise, and for the best results, the person must be at the age of 16 if he is male, or 14 if he is female, in order to give the body An opportunity to benefit and increase its length. 

Nutritional tips to increase the length of the body 

The nutritional factor is a very important factor for the growth of the body, and it must be given great attention in the stages of childhood and adolescence. Eating food rich in protein is very important for growth, as protein is an essential nutrient for building body muscles, body cells, and bones, and you should also eat foods that contain calcium and potassium, as these two elements are the main components of bones, and the process of building bones will not take place without them. It is strongly advised to diversify in useful foods, and to include fruits and vegetables in the diet, as they are a source of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body in general and for growth in particular.Among the foods that are recommended to be constantly eaten to stimulate growth: 

  • Milk and cheese. 
  • eggs. 
  • Chicken and meat. 
  • fish. 
  • the banana. 

Exercises to increase the length of the legs 

Height increase exercises help to stretch the muscles and bones, and thus increase the length of the body, but the practitioner should not think that from one exercise session his length will increase, but rather the effect is cumulative, and it may take months for the effect to become noticeable, and it must be practiced On a daily basis.Among these exercises:

 Leg stretching exercise:  

This exercise helps to increase the length of the legs, and the Achilles tendon, which adds a few centimeters to the length of the body, and also helps to increase bone flexibility and strength, by doing the following:

  • Stand facing the wall, with both hands on the wall, so that the arms are fully extended in a straight line towards the wall. 
  • Bring the right leg close to the wall and bend the right knee towards the wall, taking the left leg away from the right leg a big step back and keeping it straight, and thus the body has taken the position of pushing against the wall. 
  • Start by creating a push against the wall and continue for 5 to 10 seconds until you feel the legs stretch. 
  • Repeat the movement in two cycles, so that in each cycle it is repeated 10 times. Repeat the exercise by switching legs .

Achilles tendon stretching exercise: 

It is as follows: 

  • Taking the same previous position by pushing against the wall, with a slight change in the position of the leg far from the wall, so that it is somewhat bent towards the wall. 
  • Maintaining the same repetition of the exercise while switching between the position of the legs.  

Hanging exercise: 

The hanging exercise requires the presence of a vertical bar suspended firmly at a height higher than the length of the body by at least a meter, and it is done as follows :

  • Attachment to the iron bar, by clinging to it with both hands while making them at a level beyond the level of the shoulders. 
  • Maintaining the extension of the arms and the upper torso of the body, with the knees bent upwards, so that they form a right angle. 
  • Stay in this position for a maximum of ten seconds. 
  • Repeat the movement ten times in a row, taking care to increase the number as the exercise progresses. 
  • You can also start installing weights in both feet during the exercise to stimulate the body to expand faster. 


Swimming is considered an easy and simple aerobic exercise that helps the body to stretch and increase its length if it is practiced in the right way, as documented studies on mice have proven that swimming has a great effect in stimulating the growth process. 

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